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Wanthane® TPU is one of the worldwide leading brands of Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomers (TPUs). It covers every kind of TPUs, such as the polyester-based, polyether-based, PCL-based, polycarbonate-based, and ADI-based TPUs.


WanBlend®  TPU devotes to providing environmentally-friendly TPU alloys with high performance, functionalization and intelligence. It mainly includes halogen-free flame retardant TPUs, matt surface and low gloss TPUs, antistatic TPUs, and glass-fibre reinforced TPUs, etc.


WanColor® is dedicated to providing high-quality, panchromatic, environmental friendly color selection and customized service, which can activate your TPUs! The main products and service are TPU color masterbatch, Coloring TPU and Functional masterbatch.